Sailed for Monserrat on 18th, a bit of a wild ride with the wind on the nose the whole way. The port engine stopped about a mile out (that contaminated fuel again, even though we had the tank cleaned!) I managed to anchor OK and Pete cleared the blockage. The same strange tape stuff was in it again?!

Pete had to practically throw me onto the dock and stand off as it was too swelly to tie the dinghy up. Interesting getting to and fro here in this weather. The next day when we took a tour of the volcano we had to time between swells and drag the dinghy up a boat ramp. We saw the old capital Plymouth that was ruined by the mud slide associated with the big eruptions of 1997. Many of the houses in the capitol and nearby villages had to be abandoned even though they were not actually damaged. Just had to leave with an overnight bag. Our tour driver is still very emotional about it as his whole village was one that had to be abandoned. We drove through it. The government has ploughed the roads out so people could get back in the salvage their belongings to help them build again and start over. Some went to England.  There is still hot flow coming down the mountain all the time, we could see it from the boat as we left. The last eruption was only 2010, so still active and monitored 24/7 from the observatory by an international ream.

Left for Les Saintes on April 20.