Welcome to "Sea Shanties"  They're really limericks, but sea shanties sounds more fun....here goes...
On Chat Eau Bleu the cat
They thought an adventure was where it was at.
The anchor winch broke down,First port out of town
And that very nearly was that!
The was a young lady called Laura
sho had her whole life before her.
She ran off with Huw
for an adventure or two.
Poor thing had no one to warn her!
A visit to Middle Percy's a must.
A shack run entirely by trust.
All credit be claimed
by Marty and Jane
Viva la wanderlust....
Sitting here in Mackay
Thinking we should try to go dry.
But Gina is here
and Rod with his beer.
Don't think that we'll even try!
Snorkelling on the Barrier Reef,
Wonderous fishes and coral beneath.
The water was calm,
we came to no harm.
A treasure to our kids to bequeath.
On the Great Barrier Reef in Aussie,
swimming around in our cossies.
We were warned of crocs
and spiders with spots...
But only go bit by a mossie.
Katrina, you're 60, it's true.
But there's lots more life left in you!
Your years are not finished,
Your charms undiminished,
No reason to feel at all blue.
Picked up Glenys and Paul at Mourilyan,
Poor Glenys not feeling a million.
She recovered by far
with G and Ts in a bar
From Fiztroy to Cairns-  a cotillion.
Cooktown a bit of a shock -
Castrations and coffee in one shop!
But mostly beware
Lots of crocodiles there,
and locals who do like a drop!
Continuing along on our rove,
We decided to sail for Gove.
But on he sat pole a screw
had pulled itself through,
So to we had to hove.
My muse left me in Australia!!!