Hi everyone and Happy Easter. We are in Nevis for Easter, partly by accident as we forgot that it would be holidays and we wouldn’t be able to check in at Monserrat. Some of the islands get very picky about checking in the minute you arrive, you can’t get away with staying on the boat with the Q flag up! The last few days in St Kitts we went to Shitten (yes!) Bay for a snorkel before heading here. Only a few hours sail away but still the same country this time. Soon after we arrived Chris and Caroline from Four Seasons turned up and the guys on Platina so we all met ashore at Sunshine Bar for “Killer Bees” – rum punches. There are some interesting ex plantation houses here that have been made into restaurants or mini hotels. We went to one for lunch and another for dinner. I’m not sure why but the cars here are much newer and in better repair that a lot of the other islands. Usually they are mostly old and covered in scratches and dents with bald tyres. We are anchored off the Four Seasons Hotel and getting their wifi really well so we got the helicopter tour over the volcano in Monserrat on utube and decided not to bother with doing it. You can’t fly right over the crater as it is still active (last blew up in 2006) so it didn’t seem like a good idea to spend $300 each!