April 8.

Been in Capella Marina in Marigot Bay now for few days. The port engine failed just out of the bay and we had an interesting time getting med moored between two other boats with one engine! It was the same dirty fuel problem we have had on and off since Salvador, so we got both tanks pumped out and the fuel cleaned and put back in. New filters all round at the same time. Tomorrow is the Parade of Sail day round to Rodney Bay and the official finish. We will have John and Joyce on board with us as they are already in Rodney Bay as their engine broke down and they had to get partly towed by Allegro and then limp in early, but they want to join the finish.

April 9.

The “Parade of Sail” up to Rodney Bay. All the Rally boats in a line with flags and sails up. It was in length order and we had Garlix behind us, it was funny watching them try to sail slowly! They are usually the fastest of us all and struggled to stay in line! Luc and Sarah from Makena sent up their drone camera (what toys don’t they have on that boat!) and got some great shots. We had a great welcome at the marina, boats all sounding horns and a steel drum band. Lots of rum punches to greet us all.


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