We had a really great dinner and speeches at the St Lucia Royal Hotel on the night of the 9th. Everyone pulled up well after the welcome drinks! Victor who has been with us as the ARC representative at each port gave a very clever and well thought out speech and invented an award for each of the boats and a funny talk about each one. Andrew Bishop from WARC head office also spoke. We also all received a picture book of many photos taken along the way - very much appreciated by all.

Here are photos of all the people we have been sailing with for the past 8 months. Of course lots of different crew members (family and friends) have come and gone in that time. We're really sad it's over and hope to meet up and sail again with some in the Med when we eventually get there. Most of the boats are making their way home in the next few days. San Fransisco, Iceland, Sweden, Portugal, France, England, Germany and France so really their sailing is far from over! We are going to relax around here for a long while.

Pete has dropped his phone in the water and couldn’t find it so we are now in Rodney Bay trying to buy a replacement – surprisingly difficult as they mostly sell android here. I wonder if Apple realises that this is one area where they clearly don’t sell one a minute or whatever that statistic is.