We motored from St Martin to St Barts – a very slow bumpy trip into a 22 knot head wind. Only 15 nm but took from 7 am till midday! This place is just full of super yachts and beautiful people – we are anchored out with the baby boats and grotty yachties -  feeling, poor insignificant and small. The anchorage is a bit rocky and rolly due in part to the tenders of the anchored out (too big to fit in the marina) super yachts - and some of these are big (30’+) and they whiz back and forth all day ferrying sir and madam back and forth. The water is abrilliant turquoise and as clear as clear, we can see the bottom at 30’.  Ashore is all designer clothes and jewels, you have to call them “collections”, very attractively and expensively housed in old buildings along two or three streets along the shorefront. Even so there are quirky little island things that are amusing like the rental car office being at the back of a pet shop. We hired a car to look around the island which didn’t take very long but was pretty and interesting. The airport here is truly hairy! Very short with a hill on the landing approach so that the planes seem to dive down and practically land on their nose wheel (see the pics). We had fun on the side of the road taking the photos. Looks like we might be here for a bit waiting for another head wind to go away. So, who is in a hurry?

Off to St Kitts and Nevis from tomorrow now.