Pete and I stayed on in St Martin after Mandy left for a few days. Went around a few bays to Grande Case, famous for it’s restaurants – you’re not kidding!. We did a bar crawl the first day just to get in the mood! Then on Tuesday night went ashore for dinner. This is the night they close off the street and all the little shops are open and restaurants spill onto the street and beach all along. They had a street parade and one of the dancers came in to our restaurant and did a little dance for Pete – which made him pretty happy….We had a fabulous French meal and super wine. Pete bought me a bracelet made from stingray! Next day we went to Isle Tintamare for a look. Very pristine and nice but the advertised “good snorkelling” as usual disappointed us. As did the snorkelling at the little island off Grande Case. We’re just too spoiled by Australia and Lombok.


We head for St Barts next then St Kitts and Nevis – starting to head south to Martinique where I fly off for a week to see my Mother in England meeting up with Mark and Mandy there.