The Royal Navy Tot Club – stay away from it! Chris and Caroline from Four Seasons invited us. You get signed in by a member (Chris) who then pays for your drinks (Navy officer mess tradition). Everyone stands around in a circle, the men with three measures and the women with one. After introductions of guests the “leader” initiates everyone saying one of a routine of 3 sorts of prayer/chant things then a toast to the Queen (poor thing is yet another excuse for a drinkathon) and you knock it back in one. Then there is a reading from this day in history from around the 1500’s to now from an ancient tome. I had to peel Pete off the ceiling! Funny thing is that most of the members are not of a military background. To become a member you have to attend 7 of these in fourteen days and answer a quiz on Nelson. A bit Morris dancingesque I thought. But it was fun. We all went to the Antigua Yacht Club for dinner and the quiz night where we came 4th.

We visited the Nelson’s Dockyard Museum which was interesting.


It was pretty hot and humid one day so we stayed inside with the air con on and I sewed Pete a new 17 piece spanner holder as his old plastic one had fallen apart. I was pretty impressed with myself – not really being a sewing person except for basic straight lines. During this time Pete managed to drop one of his hearing aids into the air con duct! That involved pulling the whole cabin apart, cutting the ducting open to retrieve it. I scrounged a bit of PVC plumbing pipe from the tip and we reconnected it and put the cabin back together.

The wind is up at the moment so we plan to stay put till Friday.