June 8 to 18

 St Lucia to Union Is

We left Rodney Bay with  our new generator all serviced and happy. Stayed overnight at the Pitons art thesouthern end of St Lucia and took off early next day to Bequia where we checked in to St Vincent. Had a great fast sail there and anchored at Princess Margaret Beach just off the town. Stayed there for 5 days doing odd jobs and snorkelling etc etc. met an Australian couple from Perth who have been cruising around here for 6 years! We had drinks with them on their Lagoon, Mai Tai, then dinner on board CEB another night. They are heading south for the hurricane season too.

Left Bequia for Tobago Cays. (still in St Vincent) A beautiful spot that is a marine park. Quite a few boats there but nothing like I imagine it would be in the season! We snorkelled on 3 little islands and saw loads of fish and turtles – all very unafraid of people and grown to large sizes. A kite boarder went flying by and yelled hallo – it turned out to be Luke from Makena (ARC boat). They are at Clifton on Union Island where we go next. Will be good the catch up.

Caught up with Luc, Sarah and Kai and had lunch on board Makena. They have one of Sarah's brothers and wife with them. Kai has grown up quite a bit since we last saw them in April. really great to find out other ARC boat news.