Grenada onwards

Nearly a full days sailing and some motoring got us to Carriacou Island. Tyrell Bay was full of boats but we found a spot for the first night only as we got moved on by the boat behind us as they needed to get their anchor up. We took a local bus around to Hillsborough Bay and had lunch at a cute little café hanging over the beach. Pete wanted to get a haircut and we were told that “Roger’s” at the markets was the place to go. It was a basically a large packing crate on concrete blocks but we went in a waited for a bit. After having watched a couple of cuts and no hot water or cleaning of the cutters, razors etc, Pete remembered a fact we were given on the bus tour that 10% of people in the Caribbean are HIV positive, we decided to leave!

Upon getting back to the boat we found it had dragged a little so we moved a couple of times over the next day trying to get some sand in amongst all the weed. Luckily lots of boats left so it was easier to get a good spot. We need to change anchors if the islands continue to have weedy bottoms.

Cleared out on Easter Sunday. Immigration was supposed to be there from 9am but turned up at nearly 10. The other boats must be used to this as I was the only one there at 9. The others turned up at 9.30! We sailed to Petite Martinique where we found everything was closed for Easter Sunday so we moved a few miles across the water to Petite St Vincent. A very exclusive resort is here but visitors can eat at the beach front bar/restaurant – we did.

March 31. Have spent a very nice few days in Clifton Beach on Union Island. Loads of neat little rum shops/stores/cafes etcAll very colourful and relaxed. Some fabulous smoothies made from fresh local fruit and vegetables in many stalls – you don’t HAVE to have rum in them! There are many small supermarkets with some strange things in them amongst all the regular stuff. (see the pic) We’re spending one more day here then off to Tobago Cays for snorkelling in the national marine park.