We're on our way to the start line for the run to Lombok!  We've left Rupert and Oscar's parents waving at the dock. I'll try to get Darwin pics up as we leave.

It's been a fun and interesting time in Darwin. Stocking up our wine turned into a challenge when the first liquor store we went to told us the law only allowed them to sell one cask per person per day! We had visions of us spending the next week or two driving from store to store trying to get our casks. However we found out that some stores don't have this limit if they are not in a recognised problem area. It seems that some of the locals have a bit of a problem. The other interesting thing we were told that one way of getting around Darwin where there was no bus route was to go to Dominoes and order a pizza for delivery to where you want to go then ask to hop in the car........

Pete, Rupert and I went to see the umping crocodiles in Adelaide River. A very good tour and some truly revolting crocodiles - there is nothing redeeming about them till they turn into a handbag. The trip was organised by the rally we are joining as was a welcome drinks at Tipperary Marina, so now we have met most of the other people on the 13 other boats. We passed all our checks with flying colours and "dressed the boat" with the international flags - very festive. Katrina and Richard flew up form Sydney to see us off which was very much appreciated by us. Richard has been a huge help getting s most of our sailing paper charts. they also gave us a valuable back up navigation tool (see the pics) We  all went out for a day sail on Sunday and a sunset cruise. Monday was taken up by an enormous shop to last us till La Reunion and Mauritius as we won't really stock up in Lombok or Christmas and Cocos. We could hardly see Oscar in the back of the little rental car! The Border Force people came to Tipperary Marina to do all the paperwork that was handled  very smoothly. this was also when we got the GST back on all the stuff we've been buying - that was welcome! Cullen Bay Marina has been a great place to stay with a lock entrance that kept everything safe. Now on our way and travelling well against the others (although it's not a race!) Fishing lines are out and we've had lunch. Will put the gennaker out once we have tacked our way out of the harbour then we'll go even better.! (although it's not a race) 7 knots from 13 at the moment.