Friday 22 May

We arrived late evening into Mackay Marina after a whole days sail from Middle Percy Island. We had a fantastic couple of days there including catching probably the biggest mud crab I have ever seen. Pete put his fishing knife into the bucket to manoeuver it around and it snapped it in half with one claw! Fed three of us for lunch, (see the photos). While we were there we were invited to the "Shack" for freshly caught goat stew along with the other people anchored in the bay. . Bit of a big night, Huw was very slow the next day (rum!) The "Shack" is where boat people have left memorabilia for many, many years and it's current custodians are Marty and Jane. (see photos) A fascinating place and a good spot to arrive in after one rough night sail from Moreton and a couple of gusty days. We left a memento of a broken winch handle with Chat Eau Bleu etched on it and a limerick I wrote on a wine bladder. (in keeping with the "Shack" spirit.)