Moreton Island - 13 May

Left as planned (well at least the second plan!) around 1.00 pm and had a great sail over to the island. Got to the Wrecks by Tangalooma just on nightfall and then it got interesting.......we found a good place to anchor - not another soul or boat there - dropped the anchor which stopped at 25 feet (in 27 feet of water) ???!!! Huw and Pete managed to get more chain and rope out but then it all went out 200 feet of it....then it wouldn't come back up....except by hand - then the winch thingy jammed, seems that some micro wire on a micro switch in the remote broke,  by then we had drifted but nevertheless were firmly anchored in the channel for the Moreton Island barge which thankfully doesn't run at night, so there we stayed. The next morning bright and early with the first light( after anchor watch rosters all night in high winds and rough sea) Pete managed to create a switch out of something and we got the anchor up and moved to where we wanted to be the previous night!

Moreton Island May 14

Lovely sunny day in a quiet spot - no one else here. Huw's been for a swim and life is looking like it should be......what's for lunch, when shall we snorkel, is it too soon for a drink......? We'll probably stay here a couple of days and let a high wind warning go away. I'll put some pics up.