Aptly named the Wild Coast if you get the weather wrong and end up with southerlies against the Aghulus Current that runs at 6 knots from the north creating 100 foot waves! We got our weather just right and made it from Richards bay to Port Elizabeth in just over 2 days. A little drama before we left though when we had to refuel. We couldn't go onto the normal dock as there were boats moored there (!) and had to back up to a concrete wall. We filled up and of course the boat was heavier and we stick fast on the mud and had to get dragged off by the South African Police!  Anyway the trip was easy with us motoring most of the way with the current achieving 12 knots!  Lovely sunsets again - they benefit from some pollution and dust from the land! We are staying  at the Algoa Yacht Club marina - very old and un maintained like a lot of things here. As we had forgotten to take the keys for the Zululand Yacht Club back we decided to get a taxi to town to the Post Office to mail them back. Well - that was an experience. We had been advised to walk nowhere not even in the daytime. We felt quite unsafe and very conspicuous and once we had got a stamp (no shop in the PO where you could buy and envelope or anything) and walked through town we hurried back in a cab to the Yacht Club. We had thought of having lunch in town but nothing looked safe, edible or clean. I kept my handbag under my shirt under my arm and Pete and Oscar kept their hands in their pockets. Some interesting signs as you can see in the pics! Maybe there is a nicer part of the Port but we didn't find it. Lots of heavy security everywhere. it's quite sad really for a country quite like Australia in may geographical ways, rich in resources and a great coastline similar weather etc. Just a very different colonial history and current political situation. We leave tomorrow morning for a straight run to cape Town - about 3 days.