it's very hot here today - 36 degrees. The repairs to the boat means that the air con isn't working so we've been to the Mall today where it's cool. Oscar is at the movies for the same reason. It will be better with the sun down. Yesterday we took Oscar to a medical centre to have a thorn removed from his foot. He stood on one at his safari and it only partly came out and was still sore and nasty looking. After a local anesthetic and some digging a very nice doctor got it out without too much trouble. We couldn't believe our eyes when the bill came to 385 rand!!! $38.50!!! Pete and I immediately made appointments for skin checks! Really everything is super cheap here. We've found what we think is the best sushi in the world at the Tuzi Gazi waterfront. Been twice now! Some of the other boats will leave in a weather window on Monday. it's very critical to get it right on this coast as the wind against the very strong current makes for truly enormous waves and you don't want to get caught out. One stretch from Durban to East London has absolutely nowhere to put in. The Yacht Club bar is hosting lots of informal weather meetings amongst us all