The day Gina and Rod left the weather was so appalling that they even cancelled the big inter island ferries for the morning. Luckily they were able to get one in time for their flight. We had a few days of the Med’s famous red rain where the dust from Africa that hangs around in the atmosphere gets rained down. The boat was filthy with think red gunk but thankfully washed away relatively easily. 

Once the weather had settled down Pete and I sailed back to Ibiza to San Antonio where we found a good anchorage but a very tired waterfront. Quite seedy looking during the day and in poor condition but probably all the night clubs, bars, joints etc all lit up and busy at night may improve it if you like that sort of thing. Package tours of drinkers and partiers I think. We only stayed there one night then moved on to Cala San Pedro to the north. It was a lovely spot but we only went ashore once as the dinghy gear box seized (or something) and went only backwards! That having happened it didn’t make much sense to hang around places where we couldn’t get ashore so we did a night sail to Mallorca (Marjorca, however you want it) passing by a crazy little bay where people go to drink to the sunset each Sunday – a bit like Fanny Bay in Darwin. 

It turned out that the Palma International Boat Show was on and we couldn’t get accommodation actually in Palma. Eventually we got a berth in Port Andraitx. We taxied in to the boat show and after much compromising on weight and size ordered a 3.6 m Highfield and a 20 HP Honda self start auto tilt outboard! We’ll feel like royalty after our other little set up.

The boat show was really interesting and we sorted out a few other bits and pieces as well as meeting the Doyle guy who is making our new gennaker.

Friends from Brisbane Terry and Liz arrived on 7 May and taxied to us at the Port. The new dinghy arrived and Juan took our old one to put in his showroom for sale. We’d cleaned it all up and it was quite sad to see it go – but not for long! The new one goes brilliantly and is much better in every respect. The four of us went into Andraitx town from the port about 2 miles away for the day. 

The next stop was Puerto de Soller about 4 hours around the coast. We took a marina spot to make our guests comfortable. There is a famous old wooden tram/train that takes you up to the town of Soller. it is typical here to have the main town away from the port so it was more difficult for the pirates to raid the town. The day we went up in the train was day 2 of a re enactment of a successful repulsion of some pirate by the towns people about 600 years ago. It was very busy and parades etc but the highlight was on the Monday when thousands of people dressed as old townsfolk go down to the port and chase off the (very enthusiastic) pirates. There had been guns and fireworks going off for a few days while everyone wound up for the action but the actual event was something else – I’m sure nowhere else could so many people run around throwing crackers and letting off charges from guns with such mad abandon! It was lots of fun to watch. We took chairs and a couple of bottles down to the beach to watch. 

Chris the Doyle sailmaker came one day to do a check measure and gave us all a lift to Palma where we spent the day looking at the Palace and the famous cathedral plus lots of very nice shopping streets and plazas etc.

After this we motored around to Torrens Pareis – a quite spectacular little gorge where we had planned to overnight but the spot was a bit tight so we continued on to Cala St Vincent where we had hoped to avoid some weather. Well, that worked out for the first night then a swell got up and was pouring into the bay, so after an uncomfortable night and two not so happy guests we upped anchor in the morning and went to Puerto de Pollensa where we took a marina spot. Hideously expensive but decided to all chip in for three days for a bit of regrouping and recovering. Once again the main town of Pollensa was inland so we all spent a happy day there. 


We are now nearby Alcudia bay anchored very happily behind a little island. Last night we decided to take the dinghy for a run and went around the corner and practically ran into the dinghy dock of a Michelin starred restaurant, La Terraza, overlooking a little cliff. That ended up in drinks and dinner. The plan is to make our way round the east coast of Mallorca to Palma to drop Terry and Liz off for the airport at some point. Let's hope the weather continues nice for them!