It would be fair to say that I have neglected this blog recently!

Having got the boat settled into the Marina at Torrevieja we spent a week messing around getting ourselves ready to come home. This included meeting Joe and Janice from the boat behind us in a scotch tasting night – it didn’t end well. We thought we were doing OK with our bottles of Tallisker and Laphroag, but no, Joe is a Scot and had a tasting bag of at least  6 vastly superior scotches that he proceeded to explain in comprehensive detail while we sampled them in succession. Janice and I had already been drinking our wine and were unprepared for scotch tasting! Oh well, it was fun till the next day! 


A private captain from a Lagoon 620 recommended this marina and his brother who lives nearby is going to keep an eye on CEB a do the odd hose down and engine start while we are away. We took him and his girlfriend to lunch at one of their favourite paella places. They smoke over trimmed vine stalks for a very unique flavour. It’s a bit like England where every second pub is the “oldest in England” only here it is the “ best paella in Spain”.


After a horribly long time in the air and at airports we arrived back in Australia.

We’re having a great time catching up with everyone – going to the Island and catching squid etc. it was nice to be home for Xmas and New Year for the first time in years.

The famous Story Bridge Hotel is just across the road from the unit here and hosts a day of cockroach racing every Australia Day. (you maybe have to be Australian to get it). A great day with friends and family betting on cockroaches and wearing silly Ozzie clothes. Have a look at some of the names that have won over the years. Pete’s won the first race and that set the day up well. Now he thinks he is a gun trainer and is going to book a corporate box for next year! This year we were just in the VIP stand.