We arrived back from Luxembourg and went to see the boat and talk with Paco. The motors were not quite in yet so we wheedled our way into staying on at the Hostal for a few extra days. They moved us to another room (cupboard) as they were full still but it had air con and was not so bad. We explored around Santa Maria and had lunch in a café run by an ex Picador by the bull ring. He was behind the bar but surprisingly not very friendly. Maybe that is your nature if you like stabbing bulls. It had lots of bull fighting memorabilia all around which was probably a bit gruesome if you’re that way inclined to think. We didn’t worry too much and ate Torro stew tapas. 

Finally on Friday morning we got back in the water. The travel lift here is huge but the concrete slip only just a few inches wider that the boat so it was a bit tricky but not so bad as the haul out. We are very happy with the work Paco did on the engines he did a final check when we got back in the water and everything seems fine. We are now doing a major clean up. We have taken advantage of a few days here to get some fibreglass scratches repaired and plan to get the ferry to Cadiz tomorrow to look around then one more stop till the Straights and Gibraltar. Pete has installed two new toilets to replace old ones that we cannot get parts for. I’ve been polishing stainless steel outside, which may not sound very much fun but is infinitely preferable to being anywhere near while toilet installations are taking place!. There is a very nice roof top bar at the hotel to while away a few hot hours. We are still getting used to Spanish hours – one must remember that siesta is a Spanish thing! Things start happening around 10am then all off to lunch at 2pm, then open again 5 or 6pm till dinner at no earlier than 9pm. Mananais fairly well embraced as well.