We sailed back to Road Harbour to collet our new main sail and the bread maker that we ordered from Amazon. For a test sail we went to Anagada (sounds like a Star Wars galaxy) it sails well and faster than the old one. The bread maker is a success too. Anagada is famous for it’s fresh lobsters so we had some even though we both think it is overrated as a food. 

We are now in Nanny Cay and doing the last of the getting ready. We donated our old out of test life raft to the ARC people for a demo in the pool. It inflated fine and everyone had fun trying to get into it and sampling the rations and water, unfortunately for some reason my phone didn’t record so at this time I don’t have photos – I’ll try to get some from someone else. Our crew arrived yesterday so we have Neil and Bobby from Pensacola and Jesper, my niece’s boyfriend, from Luxembourg. We had a first day madness with them and all off to sundowners at the beach bar with the other ARC participants. The gas bottles are getting filled  today, we passed the safety check and a rigging check with flying colours. Tomorrow is last minute fresh fruit and vegetable shopping, skippers briefing, immigration and then off the next morning at 11. We plan to go out an hour or so early to practice some hove tos and safety routines before the start.  We are all keen to get going now! Next stop and blog – Bermuda (not too sure where the “Triangle” is ……..)

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