We sailed to Trinidad over two nights and one day arriving safely exactly as per our float plan. You are advised to submit a float plan to the TT coastguard when sailing here because of a few pirate attacks on boats in 2015. The pirates are from Venezuela (that you can see from here) and operate around two oil platforms. We had avoided that area when we sailed from Brazil to Grenada with the ARC and sailed well east this time too. The first night was horribly squally and tiring but the second night was lovely and calm with good wind and ¾ moon. Perfect conditions for spotting pirates. We had planned to be here on the 17th but sailed early as hurricanes were starting to form. Luckily neither of then turned into anything. We are at PowerBoats in Chaguaramas in their marina section. So far we have not seen much of Trinidad as we have been busy getting quotes for work to be done, including it seems a new Raymarine system – ours is 10 years old and is at the stage where you can’t get parts. The guy here says it will fail before long as the screen goes black from time to time!

The new ones sound brilliant and wifis to ipads etc, has really good radar including sea bed readings and lots more. $$$$$$$$$ as well of course!

At the moment we have a refrigeration mechanic pulling our fridge to bits to see why there is water underneath all the time – well, actually we know why but can it be fixed? It will be a scary moment when it comes out……

Our two trips to Port of Spain have been interesting to say the least. One hour on a hot bus/maxi taxi stuffed with people and loud religious music playing nonstop. Having said that - the system works well and is very cheap, just exhausting. We had to get visa photos done for our US visa application for arriving in US territories (US Virgin Island and Puerto Rico) by private boat. We have an interview next week. For us to do this is Australia we would have had to gone to Sydney, so I suppose this is easier?


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