Well, now, here is the secret we have been keeping with some sort of success – Pete and I got married on the 4 December at Ladera Resort in St Lucia! It is a very St Lucian but 5 star place high in the rainforest in the Pitons. These are two very iconic local remains of a massive volcanic eruption and are a landmark from both the sea and the land. The day was lovely, with just the two of us in our suite and we kept it quite casual.  Ladera provided a “wedding package” as we had booked a week that included a cake and a bridal arch. I was  bit concerned about the arch (wondering if it might be plastic fake wrought iron with vinyl ivy) but it turned out to lovely with lush local greenery and flowers. The cake was interesting – choice of banana, chocolate, carrot or vanilla. See the pics – say no more. Our celebrant was a local lady, Imogene, who struck a very nice mix of serious, kind and cautionary – if that makes sense. Our witness was the Ladera lady who organised everything named Obediah Saltibus! We kept to the traditional vows leaving out the “obey” bit obviously but I’m sure Pete would have liked to slip in “to not be so bossy” and I may have liked to seen “to tidy up”.

 The resort was a wonderful place to stay with beautiful botanic grounds and super friendly and efficient staff – we had two butlers available by the provided mobile phone and housekeeping had a real sense of humour. The building are all made of local rainforest timber and locally carved, they have a woodshop on the site where they make all the furniture even.

So, sorry to all the friends and family who may have liked a party or to be matrons of honour, bridesmaids and pageboys……..

The boat was left at Capella resort at Marigot Bay and it behaved itself while we were away. We are back on board now and waiting to see if the Europe ARC needs any help on the finish line in the next week or so up at Rodney Bay..