Here we are in Chaguaramas at Power Boats again. The odd bits and pieces of work and maintenance have been finished and we are back in the water ready to go. But……the day before our planned departure there was an oil spill somewhere in the bay and the boat is filthy all around the waterline and back steps! They had a spill while we were away so it is not clear if this was a new one or a wash up of the previous. However Power Boats have offered to rehaul us for an afternoon and supply people to clean. The oil which is really heavy nasty black dirty looking stuff, which may be engine oil and not crude, has actually penetrated the gel coat and is not just sitting on the surface. It may take some cleaning. Very disheartening for us and the guys who had worked hard getting the boat in perfect condition for our return. We really appreciated Don’s offer to clean it up for us. Most of the boats in C Dock are affected. No one really knows how the first spill happened various stories are out and about, including one where the fuel line to the ferry fell out while still pumping, but our stuff looks used so may be a new spill. The government made degreaser available at no charge for the first spill so we have some of that.

Apart from all that we have been out for lunches with Howard and Sue from Sundowner and caught up with others at the weekly BBQ. We went for a lovely walk to the Cane Cathedral and made a few trips to the Mall which is already done up for Christmas.