We’ve been back ages now. Sorted out lots of jobs and caught up with just about everyone. We spent a week in Moore Park Beach where I used to have my businesses and had a great time seeingfriends and old work mates – catching up on all the small town gossip! One week we spent at the house on Morton Island that we had renovated a few years ago just before we left sailing. It is looking fantastic and the agents have the lawns looking magic -  used to be just a sandy mess. Gina and Rod who did the reno came over as did Pete’s old air force mate Terry and his wife Liz. The weather everywhere has been nearly always clear and sunny – (but we did manage to find a few cool nights for the fire pit). Melbourne next week for 7 days will sort us out on that- cold and raining. We are staying with my brother and seeing Oscar who sailed with us from Darwin to Cape Town.