Marina Speak

I’ve started to learn this: not dissimilar to real estate speak.

Lovely peaceful marina in natural setting.

Means: NO facilities and yacht club open 2 days a week randomly.

Marina in bustling fishing village

Means: noisy smelly fishing boats and trawlers with generators clattering away all night and lots of early morning tooting.

Marina in cosmopolitan downtown metropolis

Means: dodgy security, road film all over the boat and idiots going past too fast in power boats.

Marina in thriving commercial port.

Means: a coal or manganese loading facility upwind dumping muck all over the boat and plenty of noise.

Marina offering all he repair services you could need.

Means: right near the haul out hard stand where people sand, paint, grind, and generally throw muck into the air and water all day and half the night. Usually the home of a local who is Mr Fix Everything Know Everybody, from whom you can’t escape for under a few thousand local whatevers.




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