The sailing to Salvador was excellent but for a few days of no wind and motoring we wing on winged all the way. We’re steadily getting 7, 8, and 10 k out of 11, 12 and 15 k wind (apparent) excellent…The boat turned into gym – Galen found a yoga spot and Dustin did push ups every day and made a weight out of Pete’s dive weights and a spare winch handle. We celebrated Australia Day with 2 honorary new Australians! Broke our sailing and drinking rule with a beer with a pie for lunch and rum toasts. Played Men at Work loudly and flattened the batteries! We caught two big mahi mahi just as we were running out of meals (due to the longer than expected passage with light winds) so that helped out. I made up two crosswords on the way – one an 84 question boating terminology one and a World ARC question one for the Aretha kids. Quite hard work really – but I tried them out on the guy sand they work. I’ll try to put one up here for anyone to try.