We checked out of Salvador on Tuesday 16th with the cleaners practically still wiping down he stern as we left! Bit over the Tourist Terminal Marina where we have been stuck for the past nearly 2 weeks for the repairs. Still, after very good stainless work and the world’s worst clean we took off for the 72 hours cruising allowed after check out. Funny how here and in Africa we had to check in and out of various ports of call. It was a great decision to spend some time in the Bay as it gave us a better experience of Salvador than just the city. Ilha de Bom Jesus was our first stop with a tranquil pretty anchorage for the night. From there we sailed to Rio Paraguacu and went a long way up to a little fishing village travelling through thick rain forest on each bank. We stayed the night there and went ashore to a waterfront bar in Maragogipe called the Bar and Night Club but was a few plastic chairs outside a room with a fridge! The next stop was Ilha Itaparica. A very nice stop at a marina with water from a mineral spring in the town. The foreshore was expat mile……all cafes and restaurants run by Greeks, Italians, South Africans, Germans and an Australian (who was on holiday). We ate at the Amigo run by the South African and got lots of info on the island and it’s residents – very interesting.  Some very wealthy people there who don’t advertise it and live in big houses and compounds that look like nothing from the road. Granite cobbled streets and little squares here and there with churches. It is just a short boat trip from the city of Salvador and ferries run there all the time

We were then out of our 72 hours – but who would know – and left Itaparica in the morning. Heading out through the Bay we picked up Allegro and Starblazer who were just leaving he Tourist Terminal Marina. They are going to Fernando Noronha Island that we chose not to go to. It is a National Park with clear waters etc but since it is and extra 360 nm of sailing and we’re going to be in the Caribbean soon it didn’t seem worth it.  We decided to make a few stops on the way up the Brazilian coast instead. There are some massive cities to be seen from the sea as we are staying quite close to the coast. High rises stretching for many, many miles. Well, I suppose you’ve got to fit 200 million people somewhere…. Recife will be our first stop, today.

It'snow Thursday 25th and we're off to Fortalezia which is our last Brazil port before leaving for Granada. Looking forward to the end of the long trips and just day sailing in the Caribbean!