Finally back in the water last Friday! By the time the travel lift had run late and the riggers had messed up the mainsail it was too late to go anywhere so we stayed on their dock – and get this – Grenada Marine, the world’s worst money grabbers, charged us for the night! ($27EC) And even sent someone over on Saturday morning to read the power when no one here ever ever works Saturdays. This is after us paying for days and days on the hard with no workers showing up and spending huge sums of money with them over 2 hauls. Extremely bad PR and poor management. They even tried to charge us for the full month of October. We have been invited to help with the finish line for 350 ARC boats arriving in early December and will make sure not to recommend Grenada Marine. Most of the jobs we authorised were not done despite having 10 ½ weeks to do them in

We used the time to do many, many outstanding jobs but it was so hot during the day we only had from 6 to 9 am then 4 to 6 pm. Renting a car one day was an experience. You need a Grenadian licence – which you buy at the police station! No test or anything. Locally so long as you have your seat belt done up nothing else really matters, drinking, illegal parking, overtaking on blind corners, going crazy fast on the wrong side of the road….. We however drove nice and soberly and very carefully to the shops and to have dinner with friends at Secret Harbour staying the night on Ali and Steve's boat.

But at least we are now back cruising and are in Mt Hartmans, Secret Harbour. Very nice fresh fruit and veg market this morning, buses to the shops etc. We caught up with our friends and had drinks at Roger’s on Hogg Island – very much the casual beach bar! We plan to make our way to St Lucia via a few island stops to pick up my sister Mandy who flies in from the States on election eve to sail with us for a week.