Last day in Fort de France Pete and I had planned to go on a tour of the fort but after doing some shopping and the boat had having a beer we got back to the dinghy dock to find that the boat had pulled it’s anchor up and wandered over to the dinghy dock! There was no breeze to keep it in place and the current and tide must have moved it over the anchor – Pete had snorkelled on it and it had been dug in well. Anyway we decided against re anchoring and went off to Schoelcher just a bit north and stayed the night there. The next day we came to Ste Pierre where we are now. It used to be the capital of Martinique till the volcano just behind the town erupted in 1902 and killed 30,000 people. It is still a bit run down (not a big hurry to rebuild much over the last 100 odd years obviously) BUT the food is French and delicious, especially a restaurant run by people from Alsace doing their traditional food. MMmmmm. It has a great internet café upstairs overlooking he anchorage – we’ve been there for two lunches already. We’d go to the trouble of coming back here just for that place. The local market every day is really good with the best fruit and vegetables we’ve seen so far. Pete has a thing about callaloo soup that he’s now made twice as well as eating in restaurants. Callaloo is an elephant ear looking leaf and is a bit like spinach. It can be made as a stew or a soup with various vegetarian or meat extras.

One day we snorkelled on a concrete mermaid and a big face sculpture that are in the water just behind the boat. No idea who did them or what. No info in the guide book. The kids from “Sandy Feet” have a mermaid tail suit and were swishing around looking really great. The family are from Perth and we had dinner with them all at Café Resevoir. Floor made of wooden pallets right in the sand beside the boat and a rooster that roosts above you head in the rafters. Australian Workplace Health and Safety would NEVER get over these places - but strangely, no one dies??!!

Headed off to Dominica…….