Oh, God – we’re still on the hard! None of the jobs that the marina people were supposed to organise had taken place, just the work by the independent contractors. So some ae happening now and we’ve cancelled others. It’s very hot during the day and plenty of mozzies. We have made a seating drinks ara under the boat which is a nice breeze way between the hulls so we camp out there in between jobs. The nights are not so bad so we’ve been sleeping OK. There is a creature here that makes a noise like one of our alarms going off (bilge pump, battery power etc) which has us jumping around looking for blinking lights – a night time thing of course. Pete and I have been getting lots of silly little jobs done that we’ve been putting off for ages so that’s a silver lining I suppose. We hope to be back in the water by Friday, hmmmm. We are having a small dispute about the last anti foul that was done here. Only lasted 3 months before becoming quite barnacled. It was the same product that got us from Australia to here with next to none over 12 months. We have caught up with Steve and Ali – they cycled over from St Georges to see us last week. An impressive feat given the roads and other drivers!