Just been for a great snorkel! This time we caught a water taxi as last time it was a bit rough getting back. Also you have to weave through pearl farms!. The island we went to is Gili Layar just inside the harbour entrance. We asked the water taxi to come back in an hour and a half so we had time for a quick Bintang at the resort on the island. Not sure how I'll go getting gopro footage up as for this website you have to load to u tube and then set up a link. Not enough internet here for that. Will try for some stills though. Indonesian customs came on board this morning. Not sure what they actually managed to do except some paperwork and some very general photos inside the boat. All very nice and polite though. So even though we have spent a few days here going ashore etc we have only just officially cleared in!

I've put a few extra photos up on the previous blog - bit hard getting my act together some days! It is confirmed that we leave here on Sunday morning for Christmas Island. Oscar is happy as with the time difference in Melbourne he may get to watch his team (Richmond) playing as we leave Indonesia. He's bought some extra data for his phone. Here is the current itinerary to in the pics.

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