Here we are in Darwin! Only one scary bit in the Cumberland passage with a very strong current against a 4m swell in the dark (of course). We had a bit of drama with the generator not starting but after a fair bit of trouble shooting (in the dark of course 9.30 pm) we found a leaf in the non return valve for the cooling water. I was committed to then clean out and defrost one of the fridges as I had turned it off to save power in the event that we couldn't get the generator started......Fun thing to do at 10.30 pm. Arrived in Darwin on Thursday and stayed the night anchored out at Fannie Bay. Next morning we went into Cullen Bay Marina, via their lock, where we will stay for the next 3 weeks. Some repairs to be done, an aluminium whisker pole to get made and the engines serviced etc.  My brother Mark, his wife Annabelle and son Oscar arrive on 26th. Oscar is joining us to do the trip through to Cape Town. He will have his 15th birthday somewhere around Christmas Island - very exciting. He's between school terms - the family is moving from Luxembourg back to Melbourne.