Didn't go to Low Woody isles in the end. the local that told us all about he millions of mud crabs and the friendly croc that "wouldn't bother you"  neglected to say that it was entirely in a no fish zone! So in the interests of keeping the boat we sailed on.... to Cape Flattery. It was an interesting spot and we went ashore to look at the rocks and saw lots of lobster shells that "something" had eaten. Maybe we're being a bit paranoid about crocs but there you go. Good anchorage for the night. it's been surprisingly cold and windy for FNQ (Far North Queensland). Next day 21 July we went to Lizard Island. This is where Captain Cook climbed to look for a break in the reef to get him out. We also climbed the same hill, and I mean climbed, it was very steep over straight up and down rocks. I gave in to an old skiing knee injury whinging at me about half an hour from the top but Heroic Huw and Persistent Pete carried on and saw Cooks Passage from the  top. Huw has climbed Mont Blanc and said it was a bit hard! that made me feel better...the next day with aching muscles we sailed for Howick Island. We caught a mackerel and had that for sashimi then dinner. Next couple of days we went past Cape Melville the ndicided to night sail up through Lads Passage (OK I know, I know). Lots of shipping through here , freighters and even the Navy to avoid.. We went into Lloyds Bay and found a tear in the main sail and two loose battens that we tried to fix prior to getting to Darwin for a proper fix. Portland Road (pronounced Roads for some reason) was next. nothing much there but for some very pricey ($?) and remote real estate. We got to Margaret Bay and caught a blue fin tuna just as we arrived so more sashimi and dinner again!. Once there we put out some lines and caught sharks! Both we let go, a 3 and 3 m plus! the last one gave Huw a run or two around the boat for half an hour! We drank a toast to the sharks - Pete and I on wine  and Huw on Richard's remaining single malt. After this we sailed for Shallow Bay for the night then the run to Thursday Island. We were all quite excited about arriving at Thursday Island - don't really know why - But it was a big disappointment, Really horrible anchorage with big wind and huge current and a lee shore!! Why did they ever decide this was a good place to put a port?? Pete stayed with the boat because of the position and Huw and I went ashore to see quarantine re taking food from somewhere to Darwin... It was a bit vague. We were underwhelmed with the town. There was a tree that if you ate a fruit from it meant that you would return ( we made sure not to eat one!) After a soaking wet ghastly uncomfortable trip back to the boat  we up anchored and  went to Horn island across he way for a more comfortable night. Going tomorrow for Gove Harbour.