We're now in Cairns. The trip up from Bowen was good. Some great sailing but Laura was not well with sea sickness. Magnetic Island was much changed from when most of us were last there - no surprises it's been many years. We had a bit of a lost afternoon at "Sandi's" at Horseshoe Bay! Sailed to Orpheus Is on the way to Hinchenbrook Is. The east side of Hinchenbrook was not an option because of easterlies and unfortunately that is when the walks etc are. The only spot to go ashore on the west had Huw and Laura hurrying back when they say the crocodile warning signs! We put out crab pots successfully but the mangroves did look very crocodiley......From there we went to Dunk Island where the resort had been savaged by cyclone Yasi last year but was still operating some water sports by the look of it. We then sailed to Mourilyn Harbour where we picked up Pete's brother Paul and his wife Glenys. They came with us to Fitzroy Island just off Cairns. Poor Glenys was sea sick a bit but recovered the next day for the trip into Cairns. Pete and I stayed with them at their place in Woopen Creek and the next day Paul took us around looking at all the places they grew up around Mirriwinni.  Now we are spending money at the chandlery and doing jobs on board for a few days before we leave. All very impressed with Cairns - although I think the summer would be far too hot! Laura has decided that the sailing life is not for her and will leave the boat here in Cairns but may join us in Cape Town for a bit.

The world's largest sailing catamaran has just come in...."Hemisphere" Google it - it's huge. We're second in on the right - it's the big thing at the end. 44 metres long!