Left Mackay on Wednesday 3rd June. Wonderful sail to Brampton Island. Everything working well and the boat sailing the best it ever has. Better balanced, (we redistributed the wine stocks!) and new standing rigging is paying off. While here we explored the abandoned resort. Lots of stories as to what happened but basically it changed hands and the staff walked off and it has been completely left to nature - about 3 years ago. All the rooms are still furnished, the tennis courts have racquets and balls just lying there (Huw and Laura had a game) and we played pool on the left behind tables. Apparently even the mini bars were still stocked - but I imagine that did not last long. It was all a bit depressing really seeing all that infrastructure just going to waste. I'll put some pics up tonight.  Huw and Laura walked to the top of the island and Pete and I checked out the oysters. We leave for Thomas Island on Friday.